Best-of-MTL-2015As you may know, one of our little podcats (Go Plug Yourself) was voted the #3 Podcast in Montreal this year. Walter is pretty adamant about getting number 1 and is threatening to shut the whole thing down if we don’t succeed. We’re not 100% sure what he’s talking about, but the threat seems pretty legitimate. Maybe he’s talking about shutting down the podcast, or maybe the website, or maybe the entire internet? Who knows? Either way, in order for any of your votes to matter you need to vote in at least 25 categories. So, in the name of complete and total self-interest (and the interest of people who I’m personally interested in seeing succeed) I give you my 25 choices for what you should vote on in this year’s Cult Montreal Best of Montreal.

Self-serving silliness go!

Go here and make the following votes because you love me. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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