Wow, you’re the type of person to check out the “About” page of a website. I guess that means either you really like us, or you are just very confused about what the point of any of this is.

We started up 9to5 (dot cc) way back in 2011 without a real purpose or plan. I guess at its heart, the website kind of ended up being an online ‘zine.

In a world of BuzzFeed, clickbait and generally terrible content, we wanted to make our own little thing. A labour of love from the people involved without ties to a publisher, advertisers or accountability to anyone other than ourselves and to our readers.

So we started blogging about whatever we wanted to.

And writing comics about ourselves to make us laugh.

And producing podcasts about things that we found interesting (like geeky pop culture, wrestling and other creative people).

Why should you care about us?

Out there in the real world, there is kind of renaissance of appreciation for “small business” products. There really isn’t the equivalent for “small business” websites, but maybe there should be?

At 9to5 (dot cc) you can easily reach out and get a hold of us. DM us on Twitter (@9to5cc), message us on Facebook (9to5dotcc), or comment in the comment section of a post. I promise you, we will get back to you. Nothing makes us happier than engaging with our readers and listeners.


We would also really love it if you told your friends about us, and if you really like what we’re doing you can support us on Patreon.

Thanks for your time.

We <3 U.


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