So some of you may remember James when he appeared on the show to promote the local wrestling federation BATTLEWAR along with the degenerate friend of the show Giant Tiger (who is a GPYS Triple Crown winner) and while we do end up talking about wrestling during this show, this time he was plugging his other performance endeavor: improv. In this case he (along with co-star Lar Vi) is plugging an ongoing long-form improv mystery show that is being staged weekly at the Montreal Improv called “Broken River”. What is long-form mystery improv? Listen and find out. I don’t have time to spell this out for you. Enjoy the show!gpys71

Oh man, there’s a ton of social media that I gotta share down here.
Broken River is being staged every Sunday in November at Montreal Improv for only 8$, here’s the event page on Facebook.
The group that is putting on the show is Wild Heart Improv and their Facebook page is over here.
Of course, James also wrestles as his alter-ego Twiggy at BATTLEWAR (although is currently sidelined with an injury), but you can still catch the rest of the BATTLEWAR crew duke it out November 16th and like them on Facebook here.

Deep breath.

And of course there’s Twitter!
@lar_vi on Twitter
@ItsJamesMcGee on Twitter (Twiggy)
@Battle_War on Twitter

I’m sure I’m missing something.

As always,  a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!