Troy Stark and Shirley Whalen have never been on the podcast before so we thought it was high time to have both of them on at the same time. Why make you wait for two episodes when we can just double your fun for the price of free? Both Shirley and Troy are all over the place and you should obviously go check out whatever show they’re featured on, but in the mean time you should probably check out Troy’s recurring comedy night “The Nerdy Show” on September 22nd (where the theme is Batman, which also kind of becomes the theme of this episode) and check out Shirley on the forthcoming Crimson Wave comedy album about period jokes.

Also, I’ve mystyped Shirley’s name as “Sheila” a bunch of times, I desperately hope I don’t accidentally call her “Sheila” at some point in this podcast. If I do: I am so sorry.gpys139-shirleyandtroy