And just like that… it’s over.

Osheaga hit a record attendance of over 155,000 over this past weekend. I’ll be the first to admit that Friday started off a little rough as everyone (organizers and fans alike) adjusted to the new layout but then from there on it was pretty damn smooth. We’ve got so much to say about this year’s edition that this might be the longest “Comedown” episode we’ve ever done.

We saw a LOT of bands you guys. We talk about the shows we saw, the friends we made and then do a little speculative fan booking for who might be popping up at next year’s Osheaga. Mark your calendars for August 2nd to 4th in 2024 folks, because at this point you already know it’s going to be lit. Actually, you can buy your tickets right now if you’re adventurous.

See you next year!

Check out for more info and tickets about 2024’s edition.

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