Osheaga is in a week!

Hope you’ve got your outfits picked out.

That means it’s time for the last episode in our podcast series, where we take a look at 5 more bands from Sunday’s lineup to help you build your schedule. Sunday is SOLD OUT so if you don’t have your tickets by now well – too bad for you. A lot of people probably bought their tickets to enjoy Kendrick and Fred Again but there’s a whole lineup worth checking out folks. Listen – normally I would have more to say here but 3 Day Passes are sold out, Sunday is sold out – I’m pretty sure by next week Saturday will be sold out too.

Obviously this podcast has really pushed ticket sales over the edge this year so thanks to all of you getting pumped up with Sarah and I once again. Can’t wait to see you all at Osheaga people – maximum hype mode go go go!

Here are 5 more “non-headline” acts we think are worth checking out:

Sunday can seem to be top-heavy at first glance. With Kendrick Lamar, Fred Again.. and Rezz closing out the festivities – but the full lineup is also great and makes me wonder just how much time I’m going to need to recover from Osheaga weekend. Oh, also, if you haven’t had the chance you should really check out the local artists that have been added to the Backyard Sessions stage. Looks like a great little sample of some of the amazing home-grown music coming out of Montreal.

Osheaga runs from August 4th to 6th at Parc Jean Drapeau, music starts at 14h each day. Check out osheaga.com for more info and tickets.

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