First of all, hats off to the good people (ok, I have no idea if they’re good people, let’s be fair, they make their living selling us stuff we really don’t need) of Loot Crate for getting me, a lowly Canadian, my December Loot Crate before the 25th. Yesterday morning I heard a knock on my door so I ran to put some pants on and get the door. The nice postman gave me (as promised) the biggest black box yet. I was pretty excited.  For December, Loot Crate was themed for ANNIVERSARY. More than any other Crate I sort of had an idea what sort of stuff was going to be in here. The teaser email stated that this Crate was going to celebrate some of the great stuff that was celebrating an important year in 2014. So that narrowed it down. Ghostbusters, Marvel, Batman, Simpsons, Tetris… yeah, pretty good idea of the theme. So, let’s see what ended up being packed into this great big box.OpenDec ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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