Almost exactly a year ago Scott Humphries and Jon Verrall came on our show to talk about Season 1 of LARPs: The Series, a web series about a group of friends who all shared the hobby of live action roleplaying. Now, the LARPs team is getting ready for Season 2. The past year was a big one for the LARPs crew, they built up their fanbase, appeared at GenCon and (perhaps most exciting of all) attracted the attention of Felcia Day who picked up LARPs: The Series for Geek and Sundry. With Season 2 just around the corner Charlotte Rogers (Brittany) and Jon Verrall (Evan/writer of the series) have come back to Go Plug Yourself to talk about the show, their Indiegogo campaign (donate now!) and of course get sidetracked by Walter and I rambling on about nonsense. Enjoy the show! (Note: Minor Season 1 Spoilers in first 5 minutes, rest is spoiler free).


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