Even if you may not know the name “Annakin Slayd”, if you live in Montreal you almost certainly have heard his music. Annakin has made a name for himself by rapping about this city’s two favorite sports teams: the Expos and the Habs. He raps about all sorts of other stuff too, but that’s likely where you might know him from (he has a new album and a soundtrack for his film coming out soon). During this year’s playoff run his latest ode to the Habs “Rock the Sweater” was all over Montreal. He has teamed up with Montreal filmmaker Christos Sourligas to bring you the first feature length film shot entirely on smartphones: “Happy Slapping” (Slayd co-wrote and co-produced with Sourligas and Sourligas directs), a film about teenagers getting violent with strangers and filming it for infamy and notoriety. The film has recently been re-cut and new footage has been added and is available on iTunes right now. Besides the movie we do our usual routine of getting completely off topic and talking about sports, celebrities and the Wu-Tang clan. Obviously. Enjoy the show.gpys67-annakinandchristos

Happy Slapping is available now on iTunes.
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