There are a lot of podcasts that are out there that make it their business to be up to date on the latest movies that are being released. We are not one of those podcasts.

We’re just as likely to spend a good 20 minutes talking about Mad Max: Fury Road (again) as we are to talk about anything that is currently in cinemas. Not so this week! Scott AND Keith have both seen Godzilla vs Kong and Mortal Kombat so we talk about (and rank on The List) about all the ups and downs of both of those movies.

Are we at the point where we can just make movies about people and monsters fighting each other for 2 hours and it will make us happy? I mean sure. It’s been a rough year, just show me the most absurd spectacles possible and give me my popcorn.

The Oscars happened and you know what? We don’t even talk about them. Who has the capacity to watch the kind of emotionally draining movies that typically get Oscar nominations?

Not us.




The bed music during our advertising is an old loop by OKU-DA and our intro song is a brand new jam he cooked up just for us (note: both songs do not really reflect his usual style, but do yourself a favour and check out his SoundCloud.