Following all of last year’s Montreal Fringe fun we here at 9to5 (dot cc) are extremely happy to announce our full coverage of this year’s Montreal Fringe Festival! What are we gonna be doing? We’re going to be having interviews with the performers on our Go Fringe Yourself podcast as well as special podcast buzz from our Head Fringe Correspondent Sarah. Some of you may not be familiar (yet) with Sarah but her unique “no bullshit” attitude to the arts should be hilarious and thought provoking. Basically between now and next Friday you can expect almost daily (!!!) podcasts devoted to goings ons at the Fringe! We’ll also be launching a special 9to5 (dot cc) Fringe Landing Page in the next day or two. For now though, sit back and enjoy Walter and I ramble about some of the stuff we’re looking forward to at this year’s Montreal Edition of the Fringe Festival.


Btw, the production company (Playwright Hero) we are talking about who performed The Vindictive Vice-President last year does not have an entry in this year’s Fringe, however they DO have an upcoming show at Mainline in July. So check that out anyways!


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