This is another (slightly) truncated edition of WTF World. As I mentioned earlier, the real world sort of got in my way of my usual ritual of either writing the article the evening before or waking up early and writing this thing before I go to work. The truly diligent amongst you might have noticed I was tweeting at around 1:00 am last night so neither of those things happened.

Before I delve into the meat of what I’m going to talk about, I thought it was cool that the term “Red State” is trending heavily this week, presumably since as of September 1st all you lucky Americans can now watch the flick on a multitude of video on demand services. Canada? No such luck. I actually wanted to get my friends together and do a little Red State get-together. No dice Canada, we need to wait until October or something.

As promised, there is a picture of Sidney Crosy fighting a zombie. Specifically, it appears to be an Andrew Ference zombie. Why is that? Well, Sidney Crosby and Dead Island are both hot topics right now. Why? Read on True Believer.

Sidney Crosby got concussed last freaking January, and has not played a game since. With the NHL season about to kick off in the next 3 weeks (or 2 weeks if you count preseason) Sid the Kid is still not certain to be returning any time soon. This sucks. I’m not a huge Pens fan and I’m not even a big Sid fan (thanks for that Gold medal goal though buddy, we all appreciate it); however, he is undeniably the league’s franchise player. Non-hockey fans know two hockey players: Ovie and Sid. He’s the poster boy for the entire NHL, and the league cannot protect his brain meats. That’s pretty shitty in my opinion. With Marc Savard’s career over (probably) and a bizarre rash of presumably concussed enforcers taking their own lives we can all sort of safely assume that something needs to be done about people getting their heads knocked in. If the NHL cannot even protect their own stars and superstars, there’s a serious fucking problem. Bonus: We actually talk about this in the upcoming, first ever 9to5 (podcast). Should be live by the end of the week if all goes well. Shameless self-plugs!

Dead Island also fucked up pretty badly. Dead Island came out today; a little late to the whole zombie killing video game party, but still, some people had some high hopes. Even though it’s supposedly buggy I think a lot of people are pretty excited for yet another chance to kill zombies. You know, after Dead Rising, Dead Nation, Left 4 Dead, Nazi Zombies, Undead Nightmare and a whole slew of others, you’d think gamers would be sick of killing zombies but no. Killing zombies is now almost a standard feature in games.

“This is a fun game, can you kill zombies in it?”

“Why would there be zombies in SimCity?”

“I dunno, it’d be cool.”

For the record, there are zombies in SimCity 4. Where was I? Yeah, Dead Island fucked up. Apparently they released a version of the game on Steam that was not the finished product but was instead a dev version of the game. Fucking fail.

Finally, holy shit. Texas is on fire. As of maybe an hour ago, firefighters are reporting that they are “gaining control” over the 34,000 acre blaze. To put that into perspective, think about Winnie the Pooh. Christopher Robin’s childhood stomping ground is on fire, 340 times over. So far 2 people are dead and about 800 homes are burninated.

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