Keith usually takes care of Fuck Mondays around these parts. That’s because he wants to be a writer. I’ve done one so far, but it’s more the exception than the rule.

But it’s Labour day today, so he has the day off from work and wanted to sit back an enjoy a nice pina colada on his porch, so he asked me to fill in for him, even though I also have the day off and was hoping to sleep in a little bit. Let me tell you, it is not always easy working on a website with a girl-drink-drunk. If he gets into the juleps, it’s a messy sight indeed, believe you me.

But hey, “Fuck Mondays” is supposed to be “some half-assed shit”, so it’s not as if I really had to put any real effort into this. Instead, I just took some of our dialog from the comic strip and spliced it onto the images of other popular comic strips. I had hoped it would be illuminating, but mostly it just turned some beloved icons into foul-mouthed monsters.

Boondocks does “Everyday Rudeboy


Garfield does “Med School

Marmaduke does “Fame

As you can see, making comics is a fine art that we succeed at massacring twice a week. With that, I bid you adieu, so I can be off to have a glass of scotch.