Hey hey, it’s Friday, and as such it is also time for another installment of “Pictures of Kanye, Words of Noam”, where we look at pictures of Kanye West and read the words of Noam Chomsky.The glory the story the chain the polo the Nike the chronic

Kanye West makes a pretty good living complaining about how he used to be poor, but even then, he was constantly spending his money on designer clothing.

From his song “The Glory”:

Tank on empty whipping my mamma’s Volvo
I spent that gas money on clothes with logos
The furrest man that shit that you don’t floss
The Goyard so hard man, I’m Hugo’s boss
Why I gotta ask what that two door cost

And from “Touch The Sky”:

Back when Gucci was the shit to rock,
Back when Slick Rick got the shit to pop,
I’d do anything to say “I got it”.
Damn, them new loafers hurt my pocket.
Before anybody wanted K-West beats,
Me and my girl split the buffet at KFC.

Is there some great appeal to being hungry and well dressed outside of the fashion model industry? It’s very confusing until you realize that Kanye West is perhaps one of the most vain musicians in history, and just a quick reading of his lyrics for “Diamonds” will illustrate my point. My favorite verse has these lines:

And here’s the conflict it’s in a black person’s
soul to rock that gold spend your whole life
trying to get that ice all upon a run you look so
nice. How can something so wrong make me feel so right, right?

To clarify, this is a song saying that the diamond industry is responsible for untold pain and suffering in Africa due to its influence in the blood diamond trade and the sponsorship of cruel military and mercenary regimes.


Kanye West is torn about the human cost of the diamond trade.

These are the hands of Kanye West. That is some soulful conflict, my friends.

I claim no copyrights to the words or to the photographs, just for the smashing of them together. If you are the holder of said copyrights, please contact me. We can talk. I am so alone. I’d be damned excited to talk to anyone else who was equally fascinated by Kanye West and Noam Chomsky.