If Al Lafrance is on the show you know that Fringe must be right around the corner. We’re hoping to once again offer up some Fringe specials in the coming weeks but in the meantime you can enjoy a full hour with former interim something something of the festival Al Lafrance! This year though he is no longer running around on call 24/7 to the whims of the festival but instead is involved with 2 (TWO!) different Fringe shows, Flapjack Cadillac and The Quitter. Also, Walter mutes his mic for about 12 minutes but you can still hear him spell out his Twitter handle so we decided to keep that shit in cuz it’s tight. Listen now! Happy Fringe!gpys59allafrance

You can get all the updates on everything Al Lafrance related here, at www.al-lafrance.com (which you might wanna do since this man is going to be gallivanting around the world touring Fringe shows everywhere this summer!)
Or (and?) you can follow him on Twitter @allafrancesucks

As always,  a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!