We cut out the middlemen (those run of the mill comedians) and head straight to the source for the JFL scoop (what a scoop!). Talar and Danny are a huge part of the behind the scenes publicity that goes on for Montreal’s Just for Laughs festival and they stop by to talk all about the festival and what it has in store for you, the Go Plug Yourself listener. Of course, by talk about the festival I mean talk about writing on bananas, mocking Toronto and smoking cold medication. Also there’s a lady who found a Jenga piece and really wanted to talk about it and gets interviewed by Danny Payne. Remember when Hollywood used to show up all the time on older episodes? It’s like that. This one is a little noisy since we recorded it on a Thursday evening and let’s just say that summer in Montreal brings out the drunks in all of us.

You can check out that little comedy festival these cats are repping over at: www.hahaha.com
You can follow Danny on Twitter: @dannypaynePR
You can follow Talar on Twitter: @talaradam

As always,  a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!

Also, in case you were wondering about the bananas, here’s a sample: