We’ve been meaning to branch out into incorporating more culinary guests on the show for some time now, it’s taken us 90 episodes to actually get there but we did it everyone! Louis and Renee, the Montreal entrepreneurs who started Spiceoholic come on the show to talk about their amazing hot sauces. Walter and I do live samples of each of the three sauces they brought to share but we resist the temptation to try the gazillion scoville ghost pepper. What’s a scoville? Well, that and a million other things about hot sauce are revealed in this week’s episode! Seriously the sauce is the tits. I wouldn’t tell you to give them money over on their Kickstarter if I was not serious about how good this sauce is. As of publishing they’ve got two weeks left to reach their goal! gpys90-spiceoholic

As I mentioned, you should probably donate to their Kickstarter.
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