More than 4 years ago sitting in Girouard park with Sarah, Raz and Walter I turned to Walter and was like “we should do a podcast, it will be easy.” He was like “ok.” A few weeks later I was like “ok, I bought mics and stuff when are we doing this?” and he was like “oh, you were being serious?” Anyhow, 4 years and 100 episodes later (not counting our infamous “non-canon” Just For Laughs, Fringe and New Year’s $#!% Shows) we’re still at it. We pulled out all the stops (there really weren’t that many stops) for our 100th episode, we took the show live for the first time ever at ComedyWorks, we got Leighland Beckman to play our song live, we got Mike Paterson to tell weird stories about Walter, we got live music from Nick Raz, live poetry and soundscape from Mike Carrozza and delicious pizza from Sapori di Napoli from Guido Grasso. Here’s to another 100!GPYS100

There are so many plugs on this episode you guys it’s hard to keep track. Let’s try to get to the big ones:

Mike Paterson’s documentary about medical marijuana “Grass Fed” available on iTunes.
Mike Paterson’s billingual comedy night Wednesday’s at Don B Comber “Unleash TA BÊTE
Leighland’s upcoming Dirty Show February 19th at Comedyworks, tickets here.
Mike Carrozza’s upcoming episode of Mike Carrozza Knows Everybody! on February 20th and his Fringe show this summer (details on his official website).
If you liked “Opposite Day” from Nick Raz, you should check his performance solo acapella harmonizing awesomeness of “The Sea Monster’s Bath” and seriously book him for children’s events.
Finally, for the absolute best pizza in Montreal you should go to Sapori di Napoli and also pay attention to Guido’s official page for his next run of comedy shows, whenever that may be.

As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!