It’s that time of year again. Time to vote for the Best of Montreal 2018. Where you vote for the best things in 2017? I guess.

Where the city of Montreal comes together and sends in votes to decide on the authoritative list of what is best in life. In Montreal.

Cult MTL’s “Best of Montreal” list comes to a close this Sunday night, which means you have between now and then to vote for your favorite things.

You need to vote in 25 categories for your vote to count, so in case you don’t have 25 of your own, I’m providing a handy list of 25 things I think are worthy of your votes!

Is this list heavily influenced by people who’ve been guests on our podcast? Yes.

If you DO have 25 things of your own, I sincerely hope that and our podcasts are among them!

Get on over to CULT MTL now and Vote!

#3 Best Sports Personality

Pat Laprade is our vote here and he’s had a hell of a 2017. He released 2 books and also now co-hosts the Quebec French Language version of WWE’s Monday Night Raw. You know what? Give him #18 also as “Best TV Personality”.

#13, 14 and 15 Best Radio Station and Best Radio Show and Radio Show Host

CJLO and Danny Payne’s show The Pressure Drop are our choice here. CKUT is the closest thing we’ve got to real independent radio (sorry Bell Media and Virgin or whatever) and Danny Payne does a great job every week with The Pressure Drop (and also because Heather B doesn’t have a show in Montreal anymore).

#20 Best Newspaper

Now, I know it’s kind of self-serving, but the only newspaper that wrote about us this year was Cult MTL when they covered our 150th Episode of Go Plug Yourself. So whatever, vote Cult MTL as the best newspaper.

#21 Best Website

It had better be this website. Please. is all I live for. You can vote for us as Best Twitter and Instagram too, but that’s not really our thing.

#25 Best Podcast

With all due respect to 9ES and Pat on the Mat, Go Plug Yourself has been on the list for 6 years running. Please help keep that streak alive.

#25 Best Bartendar

Ram from Grumpy’s. Because he lets us record podcasts at the back and one day he will be a guest on Go Plug Yourself. We should get on that.

#28 and 29 Best Bar and Best Sleazy Bar

I don’t why there’s a distinction. Grumpy’s deserves to win both.

#33 Best Underground Venue

You know what? Even if they’re not around right now, they will be around soon. And they were around for most of 2017. Turbo Haus and Sergio get my vote.

#43 Best Comedian

You know that Walter J. Lyng and I have a podcast that has over 150 episodes right? That’s because I decided that I was only going to host a podcast with the BEST COMEDIAN IN MONTREAL.

#50 Best Band

Men I Trust has been absolutely my favorite discovery in local music of 2017, so they have my vote for Best Band this year.

#52 Freakiest Act

The Screaming Demons feature fake blood in their shows and all their songs are about horror movies, what more do you need to know?

#54 Heaviest Act

What the hell Cult MTL? You have “Best Electronic” and “Best Country” and “Best Jazz” and “Heaviest” but not “Best Punk”? Ripcordz get my vote here because Best Punk should absolutely be its own category.

#63 Best Actor

Mike Paterson. That guy’s voice is on TV like 10 times a day.

#64 Best Filmmaker

Adam Reider is the only filmmaker to have been on our show multiple times. He’s also the only filmmaker I know from Montreal.

#72 Best Cartoonist

Sophie! From our comic!

#77 Best Wrestler

My vote goes to Big Magic in large part because Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens don’t answer our phone calls.

#79 Best Wrestling Promotion

BATTLEWAR see above.

#83 Best Barber

Monthly Barbershop is how I keep my hair so fresh. It’s weird to me that I haven’t had Simon on the show to talk about that.

#107 Best Skate Shop

Low Life skate shop has my vote. Montreal’s only derby related skate shop.

#141 Best Burger

Chez Tousignant changed my life.

#165 and 166 Best Coffee Place and Best Coffee Beverage

Maybe because I’m not a teenager or a graphic designer and I don’t just endlessly hangout in coffee shops, my brain really doesn’t make the distinction. I go to the place with the best coffee. It’s the best coffee place. It’s Tunnel Espresso.

Keith does all sorts of things here on, he works with the other founders on 9to5 (illustrated), co-hosts our two podcasts: The 9to5 Entertainment System and Go Plug Yourself and blogs here as The Perspicacious Geek.