While Leighland wasn’t our first guest who was a musician (in fact, we’ve had several guests who are musicians: Bones Malones, Colt Cousins, The BCASA and well, I mean Mike P and Massimo were in a musical and Mike P does some music stuff on his own too) he was the first guest to perform live music on the podcast! He performs two songs in this episode and boy are they filthy. You might notice that Walter says “Dont’ Call it a Comeback” an inordinate amount of times in this episode. I think it’s because we hadn’t recorded in over a month so he felt like we took time off or something, maybe he didn’t realize that we banked two episodes so that you, the listener would not be impacted. Or maybe it was because Walter is a big jerk. I like that I get to write up the blurbs since he basically can’t talk back to me in these.


You can visit Leighland’s band page (Aural Turpitude) and check out some of the tunes on Soundcloud or there’s that twitter thing too @auralturpitude. However, by the band and Leighland’s own admission you probably should do any of these things if you consider yourself a moral and decent person.

Don’t call it a comeback!

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