So once upon a time (aka almost exactly 2 years ago) we had a very special guest named Michael Mando. Back then he was most famous for his portrayal of Vaas in Far Cry 3. However, he’s had an extremely busy 2 years. He’s been on television shows like Rookie Blue and Orphan Black and now has landed the role of Nacho Varga on AMC’s upcoming Better Call Saul (premiering Sunday February 8th on AMC and shortly afterwards on Netflix). Over the holidays Michael (a native Montrealer) was in town and was awesome enough to come back to Go Plug Yourself to talk about what he’s been up to, filming in New Mexico and working with the rest of the cast. Listen now suckers.gpys77-mando

Oh, also, remember when Nick Raz asked a question over a month ago? Well, we finally got around to asking that question to Michael!

Check out Better Call Saul on AMC.
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