There’s not going to be a video game component to this post. Reason being? Well, Skyrim is still the undisputed heavyweight champion of stuff trending in video games right now (I’m not even kidding how ridiculous this is, it’s seriously a more popular search term in the top searches in “Games” than the word “game”) and I haven’t played it. Legend of Zelda is also trending, but I’m assuming they’re referring to Skyward Sword and not some other LoZ though, and I also haven’t played it. I might just be leaving my job soon though, and both of things just might find their way into my life. If that happens, I will likely be unemployed forever. You’ll benefit in the end though, since I’ll have nothing to do but update this site and play video games. Just like Jon. Wait. He doesn’t update the site at all does he? Fuck. I guess it’ll just be Scott and Sophie then.

In the meantime, away we go with WTF World 22, the longest running segment of, if only because I cheated!

After the break I talk about a Norwegian crazy person and Wayne Gretzky’s daughter who might be a vapid whore. Read on true believer. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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