I am still shocked that Look Who’s Talking Now features the voice talents of Danny Devito…as a dog… in a movie full of pee-pee poo-poo jokes… and does not have him deliver the line “what? poop is funny.” If Look Who’s Talking Now was the origin of that iconic bit of comedy gold it would have opened up a brand new meme on the internet I’m sure of it.


Sadly the movie failed even delivering that possible little historical comedy nugget for Jon’s entertainment. Instead it featured a baby dunking on Charles Barkley.


‘Tis the season for horror movies and it seems like Jon and Scott barely understood the assignment. Jon may have started Guillermo del Toro’s “Pinnochio” but then bailed when it was too dark and scary for his baby.


How is the baby going to get through “Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom” if you’re pulling the plug on Pinnochio? Parents these days.


Meanwhile, Keith watched Marvel’s Werewolf by Night (in black and white because why would you want to watch it in colour) and it was… fine. Those are the kind of hot takes you can come up with when you’re getting close to 300 episodes of pop-culture podcasting.


Meanwhile over on Garbage Time… listen, my show notes on the bonus episode are pretty shoddy this time around, I know we talk about Sextile and The BCASA and I remember that Scott ragged on Drew Barrymore a little, but this episode is almost 40 minutes long and I’m not sure those are the only things we talk about. We probably talk about comic books or television shows because what else do we talk about on these things? Enjoy!. If that sounds cool then show your support and head over to Patreon and subscribe at the 9ES Deluxe tier to listen to this and all past episodes of Garbage Time!


Credit Where Credit is Due

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