The Montreal podcast that asks Rob from the Montreal Pinball Arcade: “What is the moment that scared you the most? – That question asked by none other than Serag Meletian back in episode 289.

I’ve always been fascinated by pinball. The fact that there is a game where you have to use a pair (or more) of flippers to keep a little silver ball in play while trying your best to hit targets is pretty cool. The fact that that basic principle has been explored in hundreds of different interations over the last 5 or 6 decades is absolutely insane. Blinking lights, music and killer artwork makes each pinball machine it’s own thing, but the name of the game is mostly the same. The last ten years or so has been somewhat of a resurgance for the art of pinball and thank goodness for guys like Rob from Montreal Pinball Arcade because he’s getting more and more classic machines up and running again.

Rob is one part arcade owner (visit him Friday nights or Sunday afternoons for $15 free play) and one part pinball mechanic (check out Pinball Medics for parts, full machines and repairs) and he’s turned a passion for pinball into his full time job. Once a car mechanic, Rob has taken his mechanical and electrical know-how and applied it to the fine art of restoring and maintaning pinball machines. Getting machines from the 80s and 90s back into working condition and better and faster than ever.

Sarah steps in as co-host for this episode as we talk about old school arcades, working on pinball machines a little bit of heavy metal music. Be sure to visit Montreal Pinball Arcade in NDG at 923 Girouard for $15 free play on Friday nights and Sunday aftternoons.

Enjoy the show!

Credit Where Credit is Due

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