It’s been a while since we’ve had a dedicated indie-wrestling guest on our show and since this is a big week for wrestling (there’s this little show called Wrestlemania on Sunday) we figured it was high time to have a wrestling episode. We managed to call in some favors and manage to get the two men who claim to be in charge of IWS and who also seem to hate each other. So much so that we had to have them on separately since they refused to be anywhere near each other. I’m talking of course about Nic Paterson (aka Nixon Stratus in-ring, leader of “Salvation”) and PCP Crazy F*n Manny. Enjoy the background noise of an actual IWS ring setup and some loud music and noises. Also, if you live in Montreal then you can check out some completely insane hardcore wrestling action this Saturday at UNFNSANCTIONED at Theatre Corona. Tickets HERE.gpys81

Did we mention that Manny is going to be fighting in a “FANS BRING THE WEAPONS” match? Shit yeah.
Virgin Mobile Corona Theater, 2490 Notre Dame West, Saturday March 28th, 2015
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