The Montreal comedy and culture podcast returns (for now) to speak with CHOM’s Esteban Vargas! We ask Esteban (among other things): If you had to fight a horse sized duck, or a horse’s weight worth of regular sized ducks, who would you rather fight? This question asked to him WAY back in November by the incomparable Professor H. Shayne Hawke in episode 245.

Esteban has worked at CHOM for a long time, if you go back to his first appearance on the show (holy crap that was 7 years ago) I am pretty sure that he mentions he basically started working there out of high school. However, last year he had the rather amazing task of putting together a string of shows that served as the radio broadcasting career sendoff for the legendary Terry DiMonte. We get a little into that, we talk about greasy spoons in Montreal, staying sane during the pandemic and then figure out how to fight a horse-sized duck.

Whatever might come down the pipeline for Esteban, you can keep tabs on him by following him on Twitter @estebanwaseaten (which is of course a Bill Murray/Steve Zissou reference for all you kids out there in podcast land).

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