There is nowhere else you need to go to find hot takes about Kim Kardashian wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress than a podcast from Montreal featuring 3 white dudes born in the 80s.


We are literally the only people on the planet qualified to talk about this issue.It does beg the question though: Is Napoleon’s uniform more historically important than the dress worn by Marilyn Monroe while she sang “Happy Birthday” to JFK?


Can an article of clothing even be that historically significant?


This is why you listen to this podcast.


Just because it can be written out here to increase the chances of people seeing it: Man the Toronto Maple Leafs are ridiculous.


  • 2005-2012 = zero playoff appearances

  • 2013 = “It was 4-1…” Leafs rally back from a 3-1 deficit in the series against the Bruins and take a 4-1 lead in Game 7… then lololol

  • They miss the next 3 years of playoffs

  • 2017 = They take a 2-1 series lead against the Caps and then lose 3 games in a row to the Caps.

  • 2018 = Here come the Bruins again! Down 3-1 in the series again, the Leafs win game 5 and 6 to push another Game 7! Oh no!

  • 2019 = The Bruins, again? The Leafs are UP 3-2 in the series… just one more win to get out of the 1st round! Nope. Drop 2 in a row.

  • 2020 = Honorary mention: The 8th place Leafs lose to the 9th place Blue Jackets in the 5 game qualifying round, of course they pushed it to 5 games and lost in the 5th.

  • 2021 = The most beautiful collapse of all really… Leafs blow a 3-1 series lead and lose to the Habs in 7.

  • 2022 = Another 1st round exit in 7 games… despite being up 3-2. Dropping 2 games in a row and still not getting out of the first round.

So if you count the play-in round of 2020… since 2013 they are an incredible 0-10 when they have the opportunity to win and send a team home.

That’s absurd.


Meanwhile in Garbage Time, Keith talks about Rich Aucoin’s incredible live show at Ursa in Montreal and the Shudder Exclusive Series “Cursed Films” and Scott takes another few shots at how old Mike Smith is just for good measure. We also talk about how good that Weird Al biopic might be. If all that sounds like the best (because it is), show your support and head over to Patreon and subscribe at the 9ES Deluxe tier to listen to this and all past episodes of Garbage Time!




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