Beer: Péché Mortel

Brewer: Brasserie Dieu du Ciel

Extra strong stout, brewed with coffee, 9.5%

Bought it because I was going to a chalet for the weekend and all my boyfriend likes to drink is pale ales. I was like F that. Also, brewed with coffee.



I was pouring this and noticed a slight redness when the light shone through, but in my glass it is hardcore opaque espresso brown, with a thick, creamy coffee coloured foam.

This totally smells like fresh ground coffee beans. This smells so rich and like it might be slightly bitter. Omg I want cake flavoured with how this beer smells.

Oh…. wow. Yeah I`m definitely a stout girl. This tastes like rich and smooth coffee, followed by a bitter sweetness. This is just indecent holy crap. It`s a little malty, but I like it. It`s not overpowering. I`m so glad I bought a 4 pack.

In short, very pronounced flavours. Persistent taste, thick and intense. I definitely recommend this for coffee and stout enthusiasts.

Beer: Sein d`esprit

Brewer: Microbrasserie Broadway

Wheat beer, smoked, 5% (Rauchweizen)

Bought it because I remember trying a smoked beer many moons ago, Cheval Blanc, and I liked it quite a bit.



This is an opaque, peachy yellow beer. Nice creamy looking white foam too.

Oooooh smells like smoke. Like clothes the day after you spent the night in the campfire smoke. This smells so nostalgic to me hahaha!

Super refreshing when you first take a sip, and the smokey flavour creeps in after a couple of seconds.Slight bitterness follows that through, but is then chased off by a surprising yet gentle sweetness.

The label mentions banana and cloves aroma, with notes of vanilla. I can`t really pin point these flavours but I can say that it turns into a magical dance of omg I need more. The aftertaste retains no bitterness for me, I fucking love this. New favourite beer! YEAH!

If you like smokey beers but eventually get saturated by how strong the taste comes across, this is a great alternative.


All beers featured in this review are purchased at L`Épicerie Moderne, situated at 5854 Sherbrooke West, Montreal (NDG!)