The Montreal podcast that asks Léa Philippe and Émilie Allard of the FAR Festival: “Have you ever destroyed someone?” (as asked by John Hatz from I Love Neon in episode 236).

So, I thought it was 2019, but apparently it must have been 2020 when I happened to stumble upon a pop-up circus performance in one of Montreal’s alleyways. It turns out that it was a part of a festival that I had never heard of before. Namely: The FAR Festival: Le Festival des arts de ruelle de Montréal. In a city that is defined by its festivals I don’t think there is quite anything like the FAR. A combination of fixed stages, pop shows, parades and mobile stages that brings art to the streets (or more accurately alleys).  Musicians, circus performers, acrobats and more make up the over 200 artists that will be performing at the festival between August 12 and September 12.

Lawrence and I were lucky enough to host two of the wonderful people behind this festival: Léa Phillipe and Émilie Allard. Léa and Émilie discuss the charm of the festival, how it came to be and the importance of bringing the arts to everyone.

Listen now and enjoy the show and be sure to keep tabs on the FAR Festival to find out when a show might be popping up near you:


Credit Where Credit is Due

As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!

Léa Photo Credit: Jasmine Allan-Côté 
Emilie Photo Credit : Éva-Maude tc. Photographe 

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