BOM-2017-web-box-blueEvery year, we do a bit of campaigning for that “Best of Montreal” thing that do over at Cult MTL. The validation that comes from being voted as one of Montreal’s favorite anythings usually gives us the confidence boost necessary to do what we do for a little while longer.

Obviously we want you to vote for us in the appropriate categories (Best Podcast, Best Website, Best Artist, etc) but we also want to give some love to our friends.

In order for your votes to count, you need to fill out a minimum of 25 categories. So, if you’re not sure what to vote for, why not check out our list for some ideas? I mean, maybe you have your own favorite things but 25 categories is an awful lot and I think we can all agree that Starbucks doesn’t really need that recognition as “Best Coffee” in Montreal.

What are you waiting for? Vote now at Best of Montreal over at Cult MTL. Deadline is April 7th.

And, if you’re looking for how to vote to fill out your ballot, here’s how I voted:

4. Best Sports Personality / Meilleure vedette sportive

For some reason there isn’t a “Best Sports Team” or League or whatver category. So I voted for the entirey of Montreal Roller Derby’s New Skids on the Block as Best Sports Personality.

15. Best Radio Show / Meilleure émission de radio

We’ve got a lot of friends on the radio, but the fact that we had Danny Payne on the podcast gives him the vote (and that Heather B is no longer on the radio). Vote for The Pressure Drop on CJLO.

16. Best Radio Host / Meilleur animateur de radio

You know what? Even though she’s no longer on Montreal radio, she was for most of 2016. So give her the sendoff she deserves and vote Heather B for Best Radio Host of 2016.

22. Best Website / Meilleur site web

Duh, this one. is the best DIY website in Montreal. We try to write comics, do podcasts and blog all without any sort of corporate shenanigans.

23. Best Twitter / Meilleur compte Twitter

Also us. @9to5cc on Twitter yo. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…