Wednesday’s are for ‘dubbyas’ so it’s time once again for me to fight off my own ignorance of the world and delve into the world of current events. Not all the current events though, just the ones that interest me and that I have an opinion on. This isn’t a news piece people, it’s an opinion piece based on the news. Get your facts straight fact checkers; else I will sink your sloops. This one is a little “Occupy”-centric, but it’s really all I’ve been reading about this past week so I’ll pass it on.

Remember a little while ago I said I was going to try and steer away from celebrity news since it was mostly just a waste of time and that we as a race spend too much time indulging in grotesque voyeurism directed towards the famous? Fuck that! There’s a shirtless man beating up Shia LaBeouf! Of course, TMZ has a video of it. Celebrity news is amazing! It’s like I had a dream of something and it came true! I mean, I’ll admit that in my dream Shia LaBeouf was wearing rollerblades and the fat man was actually the Kool-Aid man (ooooHHHH yeahhH!) but still. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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