Walter and I have always thought of Go Plug Yourself as a political podcast. Finally, after 86 episodes we’ve gotten a political guest. Even if his politics sort of overlapped with performance art, you’ve got to hand it to Chris Lloyd for comitting to a character. A few weeks ago the CBC “outted” Chris as a performance artist and that his most recent performance piece involved him running against Justin Trudeau in the Papineau riding as a Conservative candidate. The twist here is that Chris wasn’t actually a Conservative, well, he was a card carrying member of the party but maybe this is getting too confusing. You should probably listen to this episode to get the whole story of Chris’s politics, his art and exactly how this whole thing went down. Listen now!gpys86chrislloyd


Follow Chris on Twitter @dearpm

Read many of his many letters to the Prime Minister of Canada on his  blog: Dear PM

As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!

Here’s a selfie that we all wish we had:chris-lloyd.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterbox

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