Last night was opening night for Title 66 Production`s new show Nuclear Sky. After having sat down with the co-directors last Friday, Jeremy Micheal Segal and Logan Williams, I was exited to see it. They recommended that the audience should keep an open mind, and let the multi-media spectacular unfold.

If I`m to be honest here, I`ve always had a bit of a hard time with interpretive modern theater, and from the sounds of it, it seemed like that`s what this show would be like. I don`t know why, but I have always felt a bit remote and stupid for not understanding what the performers try to put across. Regardless, I was determined to do my best and absorb as much as I could.

And my mind was very much blown. In a good way? I think so, yes.

I`ll say right away, I can`t call this ‘interpretive’, not completely. While it does use several images, words and actions onstage that are meant to be symbols, it had a strong commentary, or story, and it was delivered to us clearly. Bluntly, even. It held back nothing. It was raw, ugly, moving, unforgiving, beautiful, touching and just plain ravaging. It mocked humanity and it`s misguided nature, pointing a finger towards issues people would rather ignore. Shoving them in our faces, forcing us to acknowledge them in more than just a Facebook status or Tweet.

The set was very bare and simplistic looking, but in the most intricate and complex way. It had a bit of an industrial feel, with the light structures mechanized and dipping in and out of sight. There were two pools of water, rigged to vibrate with sound. The sound and light designs were absolutely beautiful, both creating an organic relationship with the performers. I thought it was brilliant. The technical design team was fantastic, well done you guys.

I`m having a hard time writing this review. The performance left me extremely emotional and I`m nowhere near finished trying to absorb it all. I didn`t just watch a play/performance, I experienced it. It kicked me right in the emotional balls and left me staggering.

It just has so much. You may not connect to everything that is presented, but you will connect to something, and it will knock your teeth out. For me, it was The Young Woman, and Kattrin, the mute daughter. I hate to be predictable, but what does that tell you about what women experience in the world? And you`ll understand what that means when you go see the show. Because no spoilers! But yes. I for real had to hold back from crying while watching them in Act 2. Not just like, ‘single tear’ type of crying, but ‘I am hurt’ crying. I was shaking when I left the theater. Agitated and bothered. And yet comforted in the fact that this part of me is understood by others.

I think that`s all I can say for this, really. I believe this show will bring forth a very personal experience for any who see it. As such, it is difficult for me to share what it made me feel. Also, you may feel something entirely different.

You will hate this show or you will love it. I don`t think there can be an in-between.

Go see for yourself, please.

Nuclear Sky- The Experiment Title 66 Productions 2

Presented at the Théatre Rouge Du Conservatoire

Show times are June 4-5-6 at 8pm, and June 7th at 2pm.

Click here to buy tickets in advance.

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