So, as you probably all know, we had John Prescott on two weeks ago and he had some pretty choice words for the likes of C. David Blackburn and Ryan Rogan. Blackburn and Rogan are both fixtures in their own right in the Quebec independent wrestling scene so their people were quick to contact the 9to5 (dot cc) head offices and demand a counterpoint interview. Now, in the name of journalistic integrity and transparency Walter and I decided to trek out to the East end of Montreal to sit down with these two men to talk wrestling, Halifax, fashion choices and just what it is that some people don’t seem to like about their passion and their desire to win. The audio quality on this one is a little all over the place, because everyone was just so damn intense!gpys53

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C.David Blackburn:
Twitter: @MrShithawk
Facebook: C. David Blackburn Athletic Advisor and Life Coach
Instagram: cdavidblackburn

Ryan Rogan:
Twitter: @RyanRogan
Facebook: Ryan Rogan Hates You

Photo by Hugo Trottier

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