The Montreal podcast that breaks down every Montreal location in Scream 6 that they are pretending is New York City is back for episode 282!


As you may have seen on this very website, Scream 6 was filmed mainly in Montreal. It is so clearly (to a local) Montreal that it almost seems preposterous to imagine it is taking place anywhere else.


The characters of Scream 6 continually draw attention to the fact that they are living and breathing and stabbing and dying in New York City but it is a Montreal movie in my heart.


On another topic: Who would have thought that we would be applauding Robert Smith like a hero in 2023? Seriously the man is on a one man mission to call Ticketmaster out for their bullshit. He tweets about it every day.


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Meanwhile over on Garbage Time Keith and Jon talk about Dungeons & Dragons and get into some Mind Flayer lore and then 3 dudes in their 40s talk about the game Roblox with zero degree of authority.


There’s also a million dollar knife in CS:GO.


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