The Montreal podcast that asks comedian Elie Gill: What is your ideal sandwich? That question asked back in episode 273 by the hot dog loving Amanda McQueen (we also ask the insane secondary question: What tattoo would you let Keith give you?)

Elie Gill is a Montreal comedian and independent journalist who just got back from London to do this show.

That’s right, we flew her in from London just so she could come to the back of Grumpy’s and record this podcast.

Listen, this episode gets pretty deep into cultural politics, the rise of right-wing Nationalism and how maybe narrow-minded assholes are ruining the whole world for the rest of us.

But we also talk about sandwiches!

Perhaps most importantly, she is producing her first show “The Empress Comedy Show” as part of the inaugural Gigglefest Montreal. The show will feature an All-Asian, all-star lineup of talented women: Yumi Blake, Andrina Learmonth, Diana Reyes, Joanna Selvarajah, Mariam Khan and Kayla de Leon. Elie Gill will be hosting the whole thing April 8th at Lord William Pub at 8 pm. Get your tickets now you so and so.

Oh! You can also catch Elie Gill next Thursday (March 23rd) at Rustik Comedy (hosted by our friends Mike Carrozza and Walter J. Lyng) at Rustik in NDG.

Listen to this show!

Credit Where Credit is Due

As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Leighland Beckman and Aural Turpitude!

Chris Venditto is another funny person in Montreal who you can see all over the place and if you don’t want to miss him take the stage you should follow him on all the socials. He’s @chrisvenditto on Twitter and Instagram so you should follow him on those two things. He also produces shows with the guys at Perfect Bite Productions who you should also follow on Instagram and on Facebook.

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