Scream 6 is currently filming in Montreal. Yes, Neve Campbell is not in it, and yes, they should pay her. And yet, the movie is still getting made.

Shooting was done on Sherbrooke St. West today, and they had dressed up a whole block to look like New York. I thought it was hella interesting so I snapped a ton of pics to show off here.

The Subway entrance was cool, but didn’t go anywhere.

I don’t think this is the nicest of neighborhoods.

Chock Full O Nuts is funny, but “BAD BAD” is funnier.

The Newsstand has some great offerings. I like “Comic Book” and “Comic Magazine” the best.

Hang Ten and Star-U are top challengers though.

Abe’s Snake Bodega, and some crew.

Jill’s Flower Shop is getting ready for Halloween. It was so hot outside, and I thought this was silly, but Dollarama has already put out their Halloween decorations so, I guess this is the new reality.

Danver’s Beauty. Where the Magic Happens.

Raimi’s Veteranary is my fav. Under the facade paying homage to Sam “The Evil Dead” Raimi is a working, active Montreal pet clinic.

4th and 44.

A real Dep dolled up as a curiosity shop.

It’s weird to put up traffic signs on a street that still has active traffic running through it, no?

Next to Abe’s is Hank’s Steady Hands Barber and Little Secret.

I’ve never seen so much of a street made up without it being shut down, so this was a treat.