The Montreal podcast that seems to be more interested in watching bad movies than good ones is back to talk about 2 movies you probably should not watch and 1 movie that you really should.

There is something deeply wrong with the fact that Jon
willingly subjected himself to the lowest ranked movie on The List and not the critically acclaimed Number 1 movie on streaming services.

I was never fully a Predator guy. I mean, the first two came out before I was a teenager and then “Predators” came out when I was in my late 20s. So during the formative years of my movie watching there were only two Predator movies. The first one which was really cool and the second one which was kind of hokey and cheesy. 

But as we discuss in this episode, the first Predator (and even it’s shitty sequels to a lesser extent) is kind of an interesting take on typical action movies. It’s one of the rare instances where the heroes need to be really smart to take down the bad guy. No amount of machismo or firepower will take out a Yautja – only a really good plan has a chance.

That’s cool.

So I’m pretty excited that the franchise finally got a really good entry that actually holds up against the original. The fact that it prominently features an indigenous cast is also delicious icing on the cake of a really well executed film.

The Emoji Movie is meh. 

Reading about the ongoing saga of T.J. Miller’s broken brain on my phone while reading the movie was probably the most engaging part. This is a brain so broken that it actually held up as a
defense against federal charges.


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Credit Where Credit is Due

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