You work from home long enough you have to start amusing yourself in novel ways.  I watch the squirrels who hang out in my backyard.  There was this one squirrel, he’d hang out in the Y of a branch that kind of stuck out in space.  Maybe he was cooling his balls.  I called him David Bowie because he’d hang out in space.

David Bowie disappeared.  Cat or truck or bird, probably.

I liked to imagine that he’d think of us, sitting on his branch.  I’m not sure such a thing is possible.  Squirrels have black eyes.  They don’t communicate intention with their eyes.  You look at a squirrel’s eyes trying to get into understanding his motivation and he is completely incapable of communicating on that level.  From the squirrel’s perspective we are Lovecraftian Gods, obviously.

I really miss that squirrel.  No other squirrel has moved into his territory so the backyard is kind of boring these days.




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