It’s WrestleMania Sunday!

To celebrate, why not take a trip into our podcast archives and listen to some of our favorite wrestling related episodes?

Pat on the Mat: Episode 20 – WrestleMania 35 Preview

It’s  WrestleMania (and all of the other events that go with it) weekend so this is the last episode of Montreal’s favorite English language wrestling podcast: Pat on the Mat! Walter was below the weather so Pat and I hold it down like PCO and Brody King while we run through everything we know (and speculate about a lot of things we don’t kn0w) about the 35th edition of the biggest wrestling event of the year, enjoy the show!

And be sure to keep tabs on Pat’s page over at TVA Sports to keep track of all of his French language coverage of WrestleMania.



Go Plug Yourself 179: Giant Tiger Returns!

If you only watch the WWE brand of pro-wrestling, you’re doing yourself a massive disservice. There is amazing, local, affordable indie wrestling promotions in Montreal and one of the best of those is the one and only BATTLEWAR and they will be celebrating their 7th Anniversary on April 14th at Foufounes Electrique. Giant Tiger is one of the mad geniuses behind the magic of BATTLEWAR and we welcome him back to the show to talk about learning to wrestle in the back of a porn studio, wrecking people’s cars with a moving truck (transporting a wrestling ring of course) and having his jaw wired shut after working a stiff match. It’s a good one.



Go Plug Yourself 152: Big Magic and Twiggy

One of NXT’s latest signings used to be the champion of Montreal’s favorite indie wrestling promotions! In preparation for their upcoming 6th Anniversary spectacular last year at Foufounes Electriques Walter and I are joined by not only Talent Relations Coordinator Twiggy, but the BATTLEWAR Champion himself, Big Magic! We talk about the history of the promotion, including Kevin Owens’ (as Kevin Steen) last match in Quebec in the BATTLEWAR ring with Big Magic himself as well as what WWE Talent Twiggy would like to have make a BATTLWAR appearance.



Go Plug Yourself 101: Speedball Mike Bailey

Back in 2016 we were lucky enough to sit down with up and coming indie wrestler Speedball Mike Bailey, back in town after some successful runs in PWG and AAA. Mike was about to be defending his IWS World Title against former WWE Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr., March 5th 2016 at Metropolis. Fair warning, the audio levels are a little off-balanced for the first few minutes, but it normalizes pretty quickly.

Mike just recently fought another former WWE star a few weeks ago in Montreal for IWS: Tajiri!



Go Plug Yourself 56: SeXXXy Eddy

Eddy has been all over New York this past weekend, at Joey Ryan’s Penis Party, wrestling for IWS and even doing a naked moonsault at Joey Janela’s Spring Break!

I would probably be doing him some sort of a disservice if I didn’t refer to him by his full title “Triple X Sex Express SeXXXy Eddy”. You will note that not all the letters are capitalized, he wouldn’t want to go crazy. Internationally traveled pro-wrestler SeXXXy Eddy joins Walter and I for an amazing journey into the world of having sex and wrestling all the time. This is one of our all time greatest episodes guys, I’m not even kidding. Also, I cannot stress enough that you Google “SeXXXy Eddy CZW”. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.



So We Got To Meet Jake the Snake

Back in 2016, we were lucky enough to sit down with WWE Hall of Famer Jake the Snake.

I’ve always had a fondness for Jake the Snake Roberts.

He had stopped by ComedyWorks to perform his spoken word show “Unspoken Word: Tales from the Road” and Walter and I were lucky enough to hang out with him for a bit and record it.




Go Plug Yourself Just for Laughs Special: Mick Foley!

WAY back in 2012 Walter and I set up our microphones at Just for Laughs and spoke to anyone who was willing to sit down with us.

One of those people? The Hardcore Legend, Cactus Jack himself, Mrs Foley’s baby boy: Mick Foley!




If you’re still itching for more wrestling podcasts, check out the archives. We’ve got 19 episodes of Pat on the Mat for you to get through, Green Phantom has been a frequent guest on Go Plug Yourself, indie wrestler (and Sami Zayn’s improv friend) Twiggy has been on the show at least 5 times, IWS Owner PCP Manny has been on the show too!

Enjoy WrestleMania!