Following up on our all-star roster in Part 1 of the JFL Special, we have an equally insane lineup for this episode. We finally managed to track down and get DeAnne Smith into the Go Plug Yourself hotseat, hooked up briefly with a podcasting superstar, the hilarious and always well dressed Paul F. Tompkins and finally we closed off the night by sitting down with Mick Foley. Just for the record, we were recording with Foley at nearly 3:00 am, that’s how commited we were to making this the greatest show possible.

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, we “switched on” the site a year ago. It’s somewhat fitting that the first post I wrote exclusively for the site (other stuff had been pulled from my old blog) was about Just for Laughs 29. I never would’ve thought that one year later I would be sitting down and having discussions with DeAnne Smith, Paul F. Tompkins and Mick Foley at Just for Laughs 30. The fact that Mick Foley is indirectly helping us celebrate our one year anniversary is pretty amazing I must say.

With summer festitivities in Montreal wrapping up, the site is going to go back to normal in the next few weeks. I know we’ve been pouring podcasts all over you like warm honey, but we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming (ie: once a week) very soon. If you enjoy us please keep listening to Go Plug Yourself and 9ES.