The Fantasia International Film Festival podcast series by the good people of is coming to an end. Sadface.

In this episodes the hosts of 9ES discuss: Agnes, Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched and Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes. Boy, we sure did choose some long movie names to cram into that episode image, didn’t we?

Once again this year’s Fantasia Festival is mostly online, with only a few films being screened live due to the ongoing pandemic that, spoilers, isn’t over yet!

The real horror was Covid-19.

I digress.

As we have since *checks notes* 2012, the crew will be watching a whole bunch of Fantasia Festival movies and, as is our wont, we will be recording podcasts about them.

Sweet sweet audio reviews of some of the best of genre cinema. Normally we recommend you listen to these reviews while waiting in the long ass lineups waiting to get into the movies but since this year is mostly online maybe you just listen to them while you work or something?

I don’t know man.

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Enjoy the episode!

The Fantasia International Film Festival is running from August 5th to August 25th with some movies being available on-demand throughout and some films only available at timed screenings. Be sure to check out the Official Website for film availability.

As always, thank you to all the amazing genre film makers who continue to make Fantasia a highlight of the year for us.

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