What’s this? Two Fuck Mondays in one week? But there’s only one Monday in the week you say! Guess what suckers, I don’t care! Also, this article will be dated by next Monday since it’s about WWE’s upcoming Money in the Bank PPV this Sunday. So fuck it.

The WWE used to only have one “major” title and it was the WWF/E Championship belt. The “Big Gold Belt” is officially a WWE only belt (after the Undisputed Belt was split up again), but we all know better. We know that it’s heritage is built on NWA and WCW lineage. WWE even admits as much, with the buildup to the “Champion vs Champion” on Raw two weeks ago using NWA and WCW footage to track that lineage.

Now, I’ll give it to the WWE, when they split the Undisputed Belt up into 2 titles again, they made the WHC the Raw belt, shipping the branded championship over to Smackdown. However, it was almost as though they didn’t even buy into its value even then. How do I know this? Well, how about the fact that they merged it with the Intercontinental Belt not a month later. It was as though they were telling us “This belt is not valuable enough, we need to combine it with another to belt to justify Triple H wearing it.” ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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