What’s this? Two Fuck Mondays in one week? But there’s only one Monday in the week you say! Guess what suckers, I don’t care! Also, this article will be dated by next Monday since it’s about WWE’s upcoming Money in the Bank PPV this Sunday. So fuck it.

The WWE used to only have one “major” title and it was the WWF/E Championship belt. The “Big Gold Belt” is officially a WWE only belt (after the Undisputed Belt was split up again), but we all know better. We know that it’s heritage is built on NWA and WCW lineage. WWE even admits as much, with the buildup to the “Champion vs Champion” on Raw two weeks ago using NWA and WCW footage to track that lineage.

Now, I’ll give it to the WWE, when they split the Undisputed Belt up into 2 titles again, they made the WHC the Raw belt, shipping the branded championship over to Smackdown. However, it was almost as though they didn’t even buy into its value even then. How do I know this? Well, how about the fact that they merged it with the Intercontinental Belt not a month later. It was as though they were telling us “This belt is not valuable enough, we need to combine it with another to belt to justify Triple H wearing it.”

It was the Raw (aka A-list) belt from September 2002 until April 2005 when Batista got drafted to Smackdown (aka B-list). The fact that of the 970 or so days the belt was the “A” belt Triple H held it for 616 of them might have possibly cheapened it even more. It wasn’t the belt it was just his belt. (The fact that this period was also the last time that Undertaker held the WWE title is a whole other story). The rosters are now all mixed up and what show you’re on seems to have very little to do with what belt you hold. However, the WHC as the B-list belt has simply been a fact of life for the better part of a decade.

From opening PPVs with a WHC contest  to making a mockery of it with the 18 second title match at Wrestlemania 28 (also denying Daniel Bryan from what should have been a legitimate Main Event caliber match at ‘Mania in the process) the Heavyweight belt has never been more of a “B” class belt than it is at Money in the Bank this year. I’m not talking about the Ziggler/Del Rio match either. I’m talking about the contestants competing for the Blue Briefcase. Let’s take a look at the caliber of wrestlers who will be competing for a chance to challenge for the WHC (for simplicity I’ve combined the various Tag Titles to keep lists shorter):

That’s right, 14 championships amongst them and only two “major” titles (the dubious WHC and the ECW Belt to aka the “C” grade major belt. Fun fact, for purposes of the WWE Triple Crown, the ECW Belt doesn’t count). Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for this match and I want to see what these guys put together. But in terms of storytelling, none of these wrestlers are at the stage in their careers where they should be number one contenders for a major title (except maybe Swagger but that’s because he continues to be inexplicably pushed). Sidenote: Am I the only one who’s a little weirded out by the fact that there are NO babyfaces in this match? We have a bunch of midcarders competing for a nearly guaranteed championship and there are no “good guys” for the marks to cheer for?  Am I being too harsh? Maybe, but take a look at who’s challenging for the WWE Title:

Now that is a stacked card. 80 total championships, numerous major titles, multiple Triple Crown winners. I know the WWE is marketing it as the “All Star” Money in the Bank but it also so greatly overshadows the other event that it really hurts the believability of the WHC still being considered a “major title” by comparison.

In case you needed any more proof that the WWE hates the WHC, guess how many times they’ve put it around their poster boy John Cena’s waist? Twice. How many times has he had the WWE Championship? ELEVEN. Even the entirety of the Henry/Cena match is based around the fact that despite his many accomplishments, Henry’s never held the WWE Champsionship. So his career is incomplete. He’s also never held the IC Championship, but he’s not gunning for Curtis Axel now is he?  Even Mark Henry knows that WHC isn’t on the same level. So why does the WWE keep pretending that it is?

I’m not saying they should scrap it. I’m saying they should either shit or get off the pot. Either stop pretending that it’s a major title and merge it with the IC or US Title again (since those are both getting borderline worthless these days) and acknowledge that it is “less than” the WWE Title or raise the bar and have high visibility Superstars competing for it. To be clear, I’m not talking about talent. I’m a big fan of Ziggler, Del Rio and just about every participant in the WHC MITB match. I’m talking about the perceived value of the belt.

Just pick one WWE.

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