Today’s special topic is apparently sluts.

First of all, Paulina Gretzky is still in the news, but we already talked about that so who cares?  I think it’s just a case of the real world taking its sweet ass time to catch up to the internet. I mean, this was a story that broke on twitter and was “broken” by Paulina herself. That means that thousands of people found out about it as it happened so by the time Entertainment Tonight or whatever had time to figure out an interview and get sound bites from people, it was already old hat for the rest of us. We’re on the internet, we know things.

However, the fact that she’s still one of the top trending searches right now means only one thing: it’s a slow news week. Maybe I’ll take a look at what Canadians are looking at. Top search term? Veena Malik. Related searches? Veena Malik photo and Veena Malik FHM.

Who the fuck is Veena Malik and is this seriously one of the top rated searches in the entire country? Ah, she’s on the cover of FHM magazine more or less naked. Wait, everybody has been on the cover of FHM magazine (more or less naked), what’s the big deal about this time around? Oh, there’s a controversy, joy. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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