The Montreal podcast that talks about Nope, Elvis and The Last of Us has a hard time sleeping because they are pretty sure mushrooms are now flying aliens from Graceland returns. Listen now!

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So one of the things that Nope really gets right is that for the most part the characters respond reasonably to messed up situations. I know it’s a horror movie trope that characters in a horror film will make terrible decisions just to make sure they march headlong into whatever terror they should be trying to avoid but hot damn does it make me happy when characters act like normal human beings in a spooky flick.

While I’m thinking of it, Last of Us kind of benefits from that sort of thing too. Stuff is messed up but the characters are doing the best they can and general react like reasonable people.

Even non-horror shows and movies can fall victim to characters suddenly behaving like idiots just so that the plot advances – I’m looking at you late-seasons Game of Thrones.

Meanwhile, if you want to watch a movie that is ultimately about a person not making reasonable decisions (despite it being largely factual) – watch Elvis. 

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Meanwhile over on Garbage Time, we talk about (can you guess?) Marvel Snap, but we also talk about something equally alienating and exciting: League of Legends LCS! Sports for nerds!

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