It’s time for another, super phoned in edition of Fuck Mondays, Soph originally had this one but some shit came up (more poop references!) so I’m doing this one last minute.

This post is probably more for me than it is for you so I can show people these costumes later, but whatevs, if you haven’t seen these you’ll totally thank me. They’re in no particular order and I’ll admit that I slightly rewarded creativity in my choices more than “nailing it”, but nailing it still counted. There is no democracy here, only opinion. Every year there’s a million Jokers, Batmans, Rorshachs and Star Wars characters and some of them are awesome, but I prefer it when people think outside the box with their costumes.

Also, all the photos link directly to the reddit post so if you’re a redditor you can bestow even more upvotes to these already heavily upvoted submissions. Spread the karma bitches.

10) Angelina Jolie’s (Drunk) Baby

This would probably be number 1 if this list had an order. Combining creativity and “nailing it” together into a kickass fucking costume. Combined with making Angelina Jolie look like the worst mother ever by pouring a beer down her baby’s throat and you have a winner. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…