I mean it, look up the Barkley Marathon. Honestly. The 9to5 (dot cc) ultramarathon will become the most intense, grueling 100+ mile marathon of all time. Instead of a starter pistol the race will start when Scott fails to say “fuzzy bunny” after putting as many marshmallows in his mouth. Jono sat this one out because he is in Canada’s martimes. We will be following up in episode 162 with the question that I’m sure is on all of your minds: How many times did he sing “Barrett’s Privateers” either to himself or publicly while he was there? My guess is more than 12.

Scott is a writer and founder at 9to5. He’s a host on The 9to5 Entertainment System and does a lot of the graphic design around these parts.

Keith does all sorts of things here on 9to5.cc, he works with the other founders on 9to5 (illustrated), co-hosts our two podcasts: The 9to5 Entertainment System and Go Plug Yourself and blogs here as The Perspicacious Geek.