I still maintain that my favorite part of the whole Titan submersible disaster was when Cardi B had a hot take about one of the billionaires’ stepson going to a Blink-182 concert.

Read that sentence again. Soak it in. Bask in it.

I think we say everything that needs to be said about this news event and we can all pretty much move on. Before recording this episode I (Keith) said “yeah, but billionaires aren’t people.” I didn’t mean that they were not human beings or anything, but that nothing in their lives is like our own. They might as well be aliens.

I saw a thing the other day that really drove home just how much a billion was and why being a billionaire is just fundamentally different from a millionaire. It used seconds.

1 million seconds = 11.6 days

1 billion seconds = 31.7 years

That’s a huge difference. Connor McDavid signed a $100,000,000 dollar contract, one of the highest payouts in NHL history. Even at 100 million dollars, if he started spending a dollar a second he would still run out of money in 3 years.

A billion dollars is so much fucking money.

Is it enough money to start a coup in Russia? You know, it just might be. Meanwhile, I’m very happy that apparently that Flash movie isn’t very good. I now don’t want to see it and that’s a nice feeling.

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Credit Where Credit is Due

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