It’s probably for the best that we spend most of this episode talking about Spiderman and AEW Revolution because no matter how strong our opinions might be about the Russian invasion of Ukraine we are almost certainly among the worst people to listen to about this particular ongoing tragedy.


I have been doing mental gymnastics to not kind of go into a spiral about the impending possibility of World War 3. How could I possibly watch movies and wrestling and do escape rooms while we teeter on the edge of a global armed conflict?


Well, I try to tell myself that whether I watch Batman tonight or not my actions have nearly no impact on the situation. This isn’t like the pandemic where I maybe have people in my circle who may benefit from honest and open conversations about science. I don’t know anyone who needs convincing that this is a terrible, terrible thing that Russia is doing.


Of course you can (and should, if your means allow) donate to relief efforts. It can be hard to know where to donate, what charities are reputable and where your money is actually going. Charity has published a helpful list of some of the most reputable places to send your money along with guidelines about where these charities focus their efforts.


So yes, we do talk about Ukraine a little bit but then we spend the vast majority of the episode talking about Spiderman and the AEW Revolution Pay Per View. Jon has seen neither of those two things so his absence is barely noticeable.


Meanwhile, this week’s episode of Garbage Time is all about the worst comic book film adaptations ever made. We use ScreenCrush’s list as our reference. If that sounds fun, check it out over on our Patreon page at the 9ES Deluxe tier.






Credit Where Credit is Due

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